Varna - Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is one of the most entertaining places in the town of Varna. During the 45 min show program you will discover how exceptional and smart are those animals. Dolphins will present themselves in all their beauty and you will be surprised how they are able to play football, volleyball, sing in notes and play different turns. After the show program in The Dolphinarium there will be a tour and visit of the town of Varna, including the most important sights of the maritime capital of Bulgaria.



Make yourself a present with a day of romance by spending it on the south shore of the Black sea coast. Don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the pearls of the south Black sea coast – the ancient town of Nessebar – the town of the 40th churches, heir of the venerable historical and cultural wealth. Situated at a small and beautiful peninsular the town charm its visitors with the architectural style of its temples (5th - 14th century BC) and typical for the Black sea coast houses from the Renaissance. The walking tour on the city continue through the cobbled narrow streets by visit of the Church “St. Stefan”.



We have the pleasure to offer you unforgettable trip to the famous town of Istanbul – Turkey. You will have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world at the crossroads of the Christianity and Mohammedanism, marked with the imprints of the Roman and Byzantine ages. You are going to take a detailed walking tour of the city, including a visit of the Asian part of the city. The excursion continue with a visit of the biggest and the most imposing mosque in Istanbul – The “Blue Mosque”, The Hippodrome, The Egyptian Obelisk and The “Snake Column”, The Leather Shopping Center. For additional payment you will be offered to visit the night club with rich traditional and variety show program, visit of the famous Castle “Dolma Bachche”, sea boating trip with a cutter along the Bosphorus with a visit of the Egyptian market.


Veliko Tarnovo

Let us introduce you and bring you closer to the 1 300 years old history of Bulgaria by visiting those sacred places!
In front of your eyes will open out the magnificent view of one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria, beautifully situated over the three hills of the river “Yantra”. Veliko Tarnovo is the medieval capital of Bulgaria, which can explain the existence of the imposing hill, the so called “Tzarevetz Hill”, representing the main fortress in the town. For 2 centuries the fortress preserve the Castle of the king and the Patriarchal Church, where the active political and cultural life marked a significant growth.


National evening - Balchik

Enjoy the beauty of the northern Black Sea coast on the half-day trip to the ancient town of Balchik, famous beautiful botanical garden, located on the territory of 10 hectares with more than 3 000 species of flora, with its unique collection of cactus and the former summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria. After a one-hour walk you can visit the national evening in the restaurant "Bulgarian Fiesta", where you can learn about the traditions and customs of Bulgaria, its dances and songs, try the beautifully cooked Bulgarian dishes.


Varna - back in the past

This excursion include visit of the unique rock monastery of “Aladja” - the most famous rock monastery in Bulgaria. Tourists will have the pleasure to see the museum of the monastery and the numbers of monk cages, which are dated from 13th and 14th century BC. The program continue with a visit of another nature phenomenon “Petrified Forest” recognized and announced as sight of great importance since 1937. The program include also visit of the town of Varna and the Cathedral “ The Assumption of the Virgin”, known as one of the main symbols of the town.


Kabrio Picnic

Unforgettable drive on cabriolets to the distant regions of the town of Varna, including a visit of The “Protobulgarian” village called “Fanagoria” and the exposed khans tents. You will get familiar to the ancient Bulgarian crafts and try to shoot an antique bow, ride on horseback, taste of Bulgarian wine and “rakia”, time for sun-bath, swimming in the pure Black sea and picnic in the forest – various menu, alcohol and soft drinks with no limits!


Cape Kaliakra, Ethnographic museum in Kavarna city

The tour starts by bus to the picturesque Kaliakra cape. On the way - a visit in the Ethnological museum in the town of Kavarna. A visit on Cape Kaliakra - place associated with the ancient history of Bulgaria, with a great battle fought under the leadership of Russian's navy admiral Ushakov, which defeated the Turkish armada, touching stories about the history of the death of 40 Bulgarian girls, preferring death instead of infamy.

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